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   I am a Los Angeles based Palestinian-Lebanese SWANA Muslim identified artist. My primary mediums are painting, drawing, and sculpting. I have a degree from UCLA where I studied Fine Arts with a minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies. For the past 5 years I have been working at Walt Disney Imagineering as a Dimensional Designer, where I have been able to help sculpt and design new additions to the theme parks around the world. 


   With my artwork, I am interested in using narrative structures which are based on stream-of-consciousness drawings, that I then render with paint on canvas. I use what I call a “Hip-Hop Surreal” vocabulary to engage in topics of socio-political importance. Themes reflected in my work are: the evolution of Islam in America, orientalism's effect on Muslim and SWANA identities and mental health, anti-racism, the dismantling of white supremacist and colonial systems worldwide, and stories based on lived experiences and dreams. To accompany these paintings, I prepare a rap-performance that aligns with the body of work. The paintings act as standalone pieces, and they also empower my voice through the spoken word performance they inspire.

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